OR130 Multijuice

OR 130 Multijuice

Oranfresh® presents the new innovative OR 130 Multijuice vending machine with many choices of juices. It mixes freshly squeezed orange juice with the pasteurized juice of carrots, apples, papayas, strawberries or any other exotic fruit; you can also add liquid proteins, multi-vitamin, energizing or caffeine beverages. You’ll create a delicious beverage that maintains all the natural flavour of the fresh oranges.

- It mixes freshly squeezed orange juice with any other juice of your choice;
- Wide window (the widest on the market) to watch the squeezing system in action.


Voltage: 240-110V / 50-60Hz
Power Consumption: 1000W max
Weight: 360 kg (794 lbs)
Orange Storage: 50-55 kg (110-121 lbs)
Autonomy: 120-140 cups
Temperature: from 4 °C
Payment Systems: note-coin validators in all currencies, cashless payment techonlogies, MDB-Executive protocols
Language: all main languages available

Height: 190 cm (74.8 inches)
Width: 96 cm (37.8 inches)
Depth: 87 cm (34.3 inches)