OR Juice & Fruits

Deal for offices, schools and companies, OR Juice & Fruits gives the option to the consumer to take his own oranges from the vending machine and obtain a squeezed orange juice immediately, by simply inserting the fruit in the Expressa automatic juicer that stands on the side of the vending machine.

OR Juice & Fruits also allows to sell packed food, for example, the Oranfresh® line of traditional local products “Fresh Flavor from Sicily” that includes almond pastries, pistachios from Bronte, apples, etc. “Fresh Flavor from Sicily” is the brand that identifies a series of selected products in relation to their regional origin and their high quality, that will give to the consumers original, fresh and tasty choices.

- It’s possible to equip the machine with a compartment for oranges to eat (max ∅ 85 mm);
- Automatic enabling with programmable timing of the juicer.



Voltage: 230V / 50Hz
Power Consumption: 1000W max
Weight: 267 kg (589 lbs)
Storage with Spiral System: 5 compartments for 180 juice oranges + 2 compartments for max 66 packed products of 9×9 cm (6 selections)
Autonomy: 60-90 cups
Temperature: adjustable, from 3 °C
Payment Systems: coin acceptor and possibility to install MDB-Executive payment technologies
Language: 5 preloaded languages from which you can choose

MEASUREMENTS (both machines, side by side)
Height: 165 cm (65 inches)
Width: 116 cm (45.7 inches)
Depth: 90 cm (35.4 inches)